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So what is behind all this?

We are a small group of writers all with the same interest: the Finnish metal scene. To see more info about our staff, click here.

The idea of this webzine came to my mind while visiting my first metal festival in Finland in summer 2004. There were many metal-related webzines on the internet, but none at that point that dealt with Finnish bands only, so I started the first. I already had some experiences in writing for other webzines and thus, after gathering some people together that were willing to join my team, the whole zine got shape more and more in January 2005. During summer 2005 we visited quite a number of festivals and some new writers joined the team so that we already got a certain name in the scene. During summer 2006 we could even increase the number of visited festivals als covered quite a lot of important summer festivals in Finland and Germany. This way we continued...

Now it has been about 4 years since I had the initial idea of creating a webzine, we have been online for over 3 years and our contents have grown bigger so that we have around 170 cd-reviews, more than 600(!) bands in the archive, over 40 interviews, lots of live-reports and a new picture gallery (with festival and concert pictures) that is increasing all the time as well.

The goal of this webzine is not to become big and famous, but rather to offer an information source for those that are also interested in Finnish metal bands. We are interested in expanding our band archive with information about all known or unknown Finnish metal bands, no matter if they are still active or not. This also means if you know or even play in a band that isn't listed here yet, please contact us. We also write reviews about demos (see more under contact section), visit festivals and concerts, do interviews with bands and we will see what comes next. We are metal fans ourselves and like to discover new things and provide them to our readers.




Want to join us?
However, we are still actively looking for people that are interesting in joining us and filling this webzine with content, especially with reviews/interviews, but also with our band archive. If you have time to spare and like writing in general, why not trying to contact us?
We recently rebuilt parts of the site but there are still some things to be fixed.

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~Silence (Webmaster/Editor) | May 2008