Here you can find interviews we did with Finnish metal bands.


Clock Paradox (February/2011) by Socke


My Fate (August/2010) by Maud
V for Violence (January/2010) by Maud


Celesty (June/2009) by Silence
Eternal Tears of Sorrow (June/2009) by Silence
Depth Beyond One's (May/2009) by Radium
Diablo (April/2009) by Lucky
Profane Omen (April/2009) by Lucky
Random Mullet (March/2009) by Maud
Marco Hietala (Tarot/Nightwish) (February/2009) by Lucky
Throes Of Dawn (February/2009) by Lucky


Silentrain (December/2008) by Radium & Silence
Catamenia (June/2008) by Socke
Mind Of Doll (January/2008) by Eurynome
Pressure Points (January/2008) by Silence


Gladenfold (April/2007) by Socke
Guardians Of Mankind / Merging Flare (March/2007) by Grave Sista
Noumena (March/2007) by Silence
Exsecratus (February/2007) by Socke
Falchion (February/2007) by Socke


Kivimetsän Druidi (November/2006) by Socke
Korpiklaani (November/2006) by Socke
Winterborn (November/2006) by NightWolf
Poropetra (August/2006) by Socke
Brother Firetribe (July/2006) by NightWolf
Poisonblack (July/2006) by Socke & Sankarihauta
(June/2006) by Socke & Grave Sista
Naildown (June/2006) by Socke & Eurynome
Tarot (June/2006) by Eurynome
Verjnuarmu (June/2006) by Socke
Charon (April/2006) by Silence
(April/2006) by Socke
Falchion (April/2006) by Socke
Moonsorrow (April/2006) by Sankarihauta, Grave Sista & Socke
Norther (April/2006) by Grave Sista & Socke
Turisas (April/2006) by Socke
Ajattara (February/2006) by Sankarihauta & Eurynome
Wintersun (January/2006) by Rhoutna


Agonizer (December/2005) by Grave Sista
Cardiant (December/2005) by NightWolf
Children Of Bodom (December/2005) by Socke & Grave Sista
Ensiferum (November/2005) by Socke & Grave Sista
Korpiklaani (November/2005) by Socke
Tacere (November/2005) by Silence & Socke
Insert Remedy (October/2005) by Rockote
Sinisthra (October/2005) by NightWolf
Skyward (October/2005) by Rhoutna & Silence
Eternal Tears of Sorrow (September/2005) by Silence
Turisas (July/2005) by Socke
Sonata Arctica (June/2005) by Rockote
Vanguard (June/2005) by Rhoutna & Silence
Blind Stare (May/2005) by Silence
Wintersun (May/2005) by Rhoutna
Kiuas (April/2005) by Rockote
Sentenced (April/2005) by Socke, Hekse & Silence


Sentenced (August/2004) by Silence & Hekse
Moonsorrow (May/2004) by Silence
Requiem (January/2004) by Silence

If you are a band from Finland and would like to be interviewed just contact us!