++++ (Web)Zines: ++++

Tartarean Desire - [one of the biggest metal-webzines out there]
Tartarean Desire

Imperiumi - [biggest Metal webzine in Finnish language]

Sue - [Indiepunkrockmetalzine - Finnish language]

21st Century Metal

Inferno Magazine



Stalker - [Webzine in German/English]
Stalker - [one of the biggest German metalzines]

Bright-Eyes - [big German Metal/Hardrock online magazine]

Shadowshire Webzine -

Metal Inside


The Metal Observer

Nordische Musik - [German site about scandinavian bands]
Nordische Musik

MetalStorm - [huge metal-portal from Estonia] - [as the name already says, great review-site]


Damned Empire - [German webzine]

Metal im Web -

Sheol Magazine

Spirit of Metal Webzine

Metal Underground .com - because some music was meant to stay underground.

World Metal Forum - [metal webzine/community] - Czech Webzine

SuomiDeathmetal - [Finnish Deathmetal webzine ]

The Pit - [German webzine about Metal, Rock and Gothic]

Metal Legacy

Blood Chamber


Serbian Metal Webzine

Metal Uprising - [Swedish Webzine] - [Dutch Webzine]

Turkish Metal Webzine

++++ Labels: ++++

Spinefarm Records -
[biggest Finnish Metal label]

Nuclear Blast

Century Media

Avantgarde Music - Italian label

Firebox Records / Firedoom Music

Arise Records - Spanish label

Napalm Records - Austrian label

Aftermath Music - Norwegian label

Dynamic Arts Records - Finnish label

KTOK Records - Finnish label

Low Frequency Records - Finnish label

Rising Realm Records

Morningstar Records

Tunerail Records (new Finnish label)

Sonic Age Records (Greek label)

Stay Heavy

++++ Festivals: ++++

Wacken Open Air

Tuska Festival
Tuska Festival

Summer Breeze Festival
Summer Breeze Festival

Rock Hard Festival
Rock Hard Festival

Sweden Rock Festival
Sweden Rock Festival

Graspop Metal Meeting
GRASPOP - Metal Meeting

Ragnarök Metal Festival
Ragnarök Metal Festival 2006

Nummirock Festival


Jalometalli Festival
Jalometalli Festivaali

Sauna Open Air
Sauna Open Air

Spinefeast 2005

Arnhem Metal Meeting
Arnhem Metal Meeting

Party.San Festival

Ruisrock Festival
Ruisrock 2009


Kivenlahti Rock


+++ Info Sites: +++

German Metal Festivals - [biggest metal-lyric archive]

Metal-Archives - [biggest metal-archive in the net]
Metal Archives - Encyclopaedia Metallum

Information site about Finland (in German) - [Metal Search Engine]

+++ Others +++



The Following

Metal-Forums - [tons of live pictures by El Diablo]

The Catacombs - [T-Shirts and other Merchandise]

YesterdayMusic - [online marketplace for CDs]
Online Marketplace for CDs

Nordic Haven

HOZ Records

Haven Yhtymä (


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